Shreela Gokarn


Artist Shreela N.Gokarn
Artwork Title Part of the collection Prakruti Forest Fire: My forest is dark my trees are sad and all the butterflies have broken wings. -Raine Cooper.
Size 32×32 inches
Media Digital Painting printed on Canvas
Year 2018
Price Rs. 75000
Location Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India
Mobile Number +91 9891908287
Signed and Dated by Artist on the reverse
Source Artist
Category Digital Art
Source Self painted- digital
Category Painting- digital art
Style Abstract
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“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”
— Thomas Merton
Shreela Gokarn (b.1966). After nearly twenty satisfying years in the industry as an Interior
Designer, I decided to focus my attention on my desire to paint – My passion, My love. I
trained in my formative years under my mother, Premi Ullal, who is a product of J. J. School
of Art, Mumbai, India. Portraiture is her forte. I learnt all the nuances of making portraits in
oil, water colour and charcoal. A self taught artist in the Mixed Media Abstract Art medium
as well as Digital art, experimentation and innovation have been vital components to
creating art that speaks of my experiences.
I feel my digital art can’t be slotted into a category. I spent my initial years in an industry,
where change is a constant feature in your work. If you want to be noticed, you have to be
innovative and constantly thinking out of the box. This has influenced my work greatly.
I have also been drawn to mixed media which I enjoy immensely. “Letting go” is a great way
to express oneself, by letting the brushes to speak for you, to explore and express feelings
through colours.
A culmination of my reality, I like to think of my art as the marriage of my understanding of
the world and my imagination – the real and the unreal. The combination of mood and depth
fused with concepts of space, theology and continuity provoke my imagination to chronicle,
through layers of texture and color, my reality.


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